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hey there!

MY name is jess palatucci and I love to create ever lasting moments through joyful and candid photography.

I am based here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and as you can see - I'm definitely an animal person!

When I'm not out walking Miska, I'm either working as a number extraordinaire (or Accountant as some may call it!) or I'm planning my next trip away. Wanderlust is definitely a word that I would associate myself with!

Photography though, is where my heart is truly at.

It really is amazing that I get to do what I love on a daily basis. From calmly bringing out the best in people and making their characters shine. To getting to know each and everyone one of my clients on a personal basis, so that I can tell their story in a way like no other.

With laughter, with emotion, with expression and expertise - it's all so beautiful to me and I genuinely believe in what I do. For me, there isn't any detail too small that isn't worth taking great care of and I will always go over and above for everyone that I work with. It's just in my nature.

So by all means, if you would like some open and heartfelt conversation - please do feel free to get in touch and we can take it from there. There's nothing I love more than hearing about new journeys and exciting celebrations!

With love,

Jess x x


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